Becoming Little Children

I recently read a book called, Why Pray? Forty Days from Words to Relationship. There's a story in that book about a little boy who spent a week with his grandparents who were farmers. Every day the little boy sat on his grandpa's lap as they drove out on the tractor to work in the fields. The little boy's grandparents told him how much help he had been and that they couldn't wait for him to be with them again. The little boy was so convinced that he had been such an enormous help that he prayed for his grandparents at a church prayer meeting, "Dear God, please help my grandparents with all the work they have to do since I am not there. They need me so badly." The little boy's parents chuckled.

We are so like that little boy. We tend to see ourselves as so important to God, thinking it's all up to us to do the work. We worry and fret. How can God manage without us? In reality, God longs for us to just put our little hand in his big hand as we sit on his lap on the tractor. That's prayer. That's walking with God.

I also read John 2:1–12. Jesus was at a wedding with his disciples. The wine had run out—a most embarrassing situation for the master of the banquet. At the wedding Jesus miraculously turned 150 gallons of water into wine. There doesn't seem to be a sense that Jesus was worried about how he would get more wine. He didn't fret about whether the water would just be water when the master of the banquet tasted it. No, Jesus had his hand in the hand of his father. 

Today my heavenly Father asks me to sit on his lap and put my little hand in his as we drive his tractor out into the fields. He's asking you to do the same. He can provide. He knows what to do. He knows what we need. He asks us to trust him as we reach out to others and ask them if they too want to get up into his tractor and sit on his lap today.