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Orientation is a strategic component of any enterprise . . . whether you're climbing Mt. Everest, flying through a blinding storm, or just trying to get through another day. Gary and Lisa have done all of us a huge favor in both calling us and enabling us to know how to orient our lives toward survival and success. True North charts a clear and compelling life trajectory and gives us something solid to cling to when the downturns in life confuse our emotions and disorient our instincts.

Dr. Joe Stowell, President, Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Martin DeHaan, President, RBC Ministries


In True North, counselors Gary and Lisa Heim do more than point us in the right direction. They invite us to join them in their own spiritual journey. I found the chance to walk with them through the kind of issues we all struggle with both insightful and personally renewing.

Shelly Beach, Christy Award winner

The concepts of going north to the God of the Bible or south to the god of self in the frustrations of life have equipped me to live more fully and passionately for God. In applying these simple principles, I've drawn closer to God and transformed everyday relationships. The principles are biblical, practical, and have revolutionized the way I view my life and circumstances.

Dr. Gary T. Meadors, Professor of Greek and New Testament, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary

Socrates said, 'The unexamined life is not worth living.' Achieving critical self-awareness about how we manage our world and how we relate to others is not accidental. Neither is it comfortable. It cost Socrates his life. It reduced Paul's circle of friends. When others point it out, we deny it; when we see it, we endeavor to bury it and go our self-deceived merry way. When we press it in our relationships, we encounter misunderstanding and increased tension. Is it really worth it? The Heims will press you to decide. Read at your own risk . . . you will be glad you did.

Dr. Brian Webster, Associate Professor of Old Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

Longings, lies, and strategies vs. truth, hope, and love. Gary and Lisa Heim invite us to take a practical and honest look at our longings, the lies we tell ourselves when those longings are thwarted, and the harmful coping strategies we develop in response. It is so easy to go south instead of north, to grumble about our disappointments and grasp at imitation life. True North isn't about changing your circumstances or the people around you. It's about a proper orientation to God while living with other sinners in a cursed world; it's about understanding what happens in your heart, finding strength in God, and loving well. Bring an honest heart and mind to your reading of this book (and maybe a small group too) and you find good shepherding here.