Gary and Lisa are available individually or together to speak on a variety of topics. We customize programs for churches, men's and women's groups, counseling agencies, conferences, schools and workshops. Recent speaking example.

counseling + coaching

True North Ministries provides individual and marital counseling to adults of all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Our counseling covers a wide range of concerns such as relational conflict, depression, anxiety, anger, sexual, physical, emotional or spiritual abuse, as well as other issues that interfere with a healthy relationship with God and others. Both Gary and Lisa have over thirty-five years of counseling experience. Lisa is licensed by the State of Michigan as a Professional Counselor. Gary is licensed by the State of Michigan as a Limited Licensed Psychologist.

We also provide spiritual direction and life-coaching for those who want personal guidance and encouragement in their walk with God.



We are available for weekend retreats and backpacking trips to help you grow in your faith and together with others. 525 retreats are 24 hour getaways from 5p on Friday to 5p on Saturday – in other words a 5 to 5. They are designed for no more than six or seven people, including leaders. Participants in the 525s will stay in cottages, cabins, or retreat centers, which makes for a relaxing time away from busy schedules. Here is a sample 525 Schedule.